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Have you ever walked into a Supplement store and asked for information about supplements ....

Have you ever bought the latest best-selling diet book...

Have you ever search the internet for information about nutrition or Training...

Have you ever read any one of the popular fitness or bodybuilding magazines...

If you answer yes to one or all , then chances are you're been lied too !

Are you Surprised? Angry? If so, You're not alone. Honest information about nutrition and fat loss is harder to come by more than you think. Nearly everyone has been misled at one time or another.

You will literally spend thousands of pounds on workout and nutrition/supplements programs with one program fits all outlook.

To navigate successfully through misleading and conflicting information you're going to have to become very shrewd and astute client.

Here are three big reasons why its hard to find or trust information in todays world!

  1. Money - The Fitness Industry in the UK is worth five billion pounds and has grown over 20% in the last five years. With this kind of money at stake, unscrupulous markers telling you anything - even straight up lies -to get you to buy their products and further their financial interests.

  2. Information overload - Today we have no problem in the lack of information, but the opposite we have too much information. Fitness and diet "guru's" preach about their latest breakthrough, short cuts, miracle supplement on social media, thousands even millions e books, magazines, emails just to name a few. There are over fifteen million websites listed on google using the search of fitness and over three million using weight loss just to give you an idea.

  3. Conflicting Advice - Industry professionals such as registered nutritionist, dieticians, research scientists, medical doctors and certified trainers, give a tremendous amount of contradictory advice. Each one will give a different opinion claiming one over the other. This type of advice leaves a lot of people feeling frustrated, disillusioned, and more confused.


Exercise, nutrition and the proper mental attitude are the only things needed to lose fat permanently. Supplements are not a requirement. Some basic supplements are helpful for nutritional insurance, and some supplements can help speed up the fat loss process a little, but not nearly as much as the advertising leads you to believe.

Supplements that have been proven effective are only responsible for a small percentage of results you achieve. With over 15 years of experience in fitness industry. I believe that at least 97% of your results will come from consistency, discipline, training and nutrition.

If most of your results come from nutrition and training, then why would you chase after the last 3% - if you haven't even maximised the first 97%. Don't you think the approach completely wrong ?

Competitive athletes, and advance trainees will probably benefit more from using supplements than beginners. Competitive athletes and advance trainees are more likely to have maxed out their training and nutrition programs. Their diets are impeccable, training is intense and their discipline is relentless.

Once you've reached a high level of development from intense, methodical training and quality nutrition, the closer you will get to your genetic potential, the slower your progress will become. Progress can and will continue indefinitely, but as you reach higher levels of achievement, this is when supplements and other minor details make the most difference.

In world class athletes, competitions can be won or lost by mere hundredths of a second, a fraction of a pound, or a single judges opinion. The extra 3% that supplements might provide could be the difference between winning and losing.

Now look at the average beginner even intermediate - They're still eating junk foods and skipping meals They're not even training consistently. What do they do first ? You can guess it , right ? They immediately start searching for a shortcut in a from of a wonder pill or magic powder.


It never makes sense to get into heavy supplementation - in hopes of finding an easier way. Get your nutrition and training on point and maximise your first 97%.

Once there by all means, take advantage of every legal, natural and ethical edge possible to help you fulfil 100% of your potential and gain your competitive advantage.

Supplements should seen as the icing on the cake. If anyone tires to convince you that supplements are essential and that you can't reach your goals without them, warning signs,- they are most likely just trying to sell you something.

Ask questions , do your research, don't just take their word, its your body in the end.

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